It all begins with a simple question: Who is the "Originals " is  Original .
The answer is simpler than you might imagine. Originals is one who manifests ,
who opened his own person to the world who does not compromise with himself, who is unique as it is.
Originals is this. Originals is  AUTHENTICITY ' ,  UNIQUENESS ' ,  PASSION, ART  , it is LIFE.
We would like through the Brand Originals , stimulate and engage those who find themselves in these values ​​
and messages , people who feel alive and not let feel to live.
We would like those who choose to wear a Originals to shares in this philosophy, and be part of this family .
We would like those who are " Originals " to  becomes the Brand Ambassadors .

I borrow the phrase of the great philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal who definitely knows how to make me better than the concept :
"The more one person is intelligent more are the people who find original : ordinary people do not see the difference among men. "

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